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the client

The startup striving for financial equality with women at heart.

Meet Jefa, a Mexican startup that is building a challenger bank specifically designed for women in Latin America. There are 1.4 billion people in the world without a bank account. Out of those 1.4 billion, nearly 1.3 billion are women.

The company is building a product that focuses on solving the problem, empowering Mexican women, and creating opportunities for them through a trustable platform for a chance to evolve with financial literacy, with the support of the investors behind VISA, Netflix & Facebook.

the challenge

Women in Mexico lack trust in financial services.

Jefa's brand needed to be re-focused, have better visual consistency and have an improved user experience. Their current product was adequate but not powerful enough to meet their marketing goals.

Our goal was to create and reshape the overall look and feel that would simultaneously be eye-catching and communicate what they offer in an engaging way.

the solution

Create a financial world designed for women.

After a ton of user research, testing, and data analysis, we provided them with a cohesive identity and product under one roof so that everything could come together nicely as part of an integrated effort toward promoting themselves as a reliable financial solution.

Visual identity

We did extensive research on competitors as well as users before coming up with this idea which was ultimately successful in helping Jefa to achieve its branding goals effectively.

We wanted the Jefa brand to stand out from the rest with a minimalistic interface, authentic illustrations, and a pink salmon color scheme designed specifically for them and the users to build brand awareness and evoke Jefa’s core culture and values; trust, control, and diversity.

There's no way someone could mistake this gorgeous but delicate hue if they were looking at all the different products.

Make the app intuitive for everyone.

When it comes to designing an app, you need more than just creativity. You also have the task of making sure that your design can be used by many different types of people with varying levels of technical understanding so they will understand what's going on within any given interface or screen layout.

This led us to build the app from the ground and heavily focus on Hick’s Law; Jakob's law and Miller's law as part of this project because those laws helped us keep everything simple yet effective without sacrificing clarity in communication

Early lo-fi wireframes

Emma Sánchez Andrade Smith, Founder & CEO
"Sam and his team are world-class design talents. They has a special eye for aesthetics, with a seemingly innate ability to create beauty. Their sharp higher-level thinking and creative minds means they are able to design not only beautiful products, but intuitive and useful ones. Won’s minimalist, clean, modern look and feel have consistently been our users favorite piece of our product. Won’s heart for teamwork, for user research, for testing, makes all of their work feel so deeply human. Won is a rare gem and has been a gift to our mission at Jefa. I cannot recommend Won Agency highly enough"


User flows

The before and after screens

Take a look at these 3 designs. The first one is from the old design and can be compared to how it was back then with its lack of hierarchy or grid system for layout purposes.

It's not easy on your eyes either so we've made some changes in order to empathize with what's most important and to give you something more user-friendly.

Thank you!

Special thanks for the amazing people involved in this project

Head of Design

Sam Alfaro

Product Designer

Ana Puga


‍Yelyzaveta 'Liza' Shuliak

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